Interlocking Shoe Organiser – Shoe Rack for 16 pairs


This shoe organiser is made up from frosted plastic panels which are reinforced with steel frames to make them rigid. You simply push these panels into the strong moulded “multi-directional” brackets provided to make the ‘pigeonhole’ effect. Dimensions: There are 16 ‘cubes’ in total to make up this shoe organiser. Each ‘cube’ is 20cm in width x 20cm in height x 36cm in depth (approx). You can use as many or as few sections as you like in any combination you like. This enables them to fit your space(s) perfectly. For example, if you go for the ’4 cubes x 4 cubes’ format, it will measure 80cm x 80cm x 36cm (approx).

Technical Details
Metal frame, Wipe clean body, easy assembly.
16 Total Compartments for your Shoes
Multiple configurations. Assemble to form:
4 x 4 square unit, or 2 x 8 square unit, or several small units, or many other configurations!!!
each square unit measures (HxWxD) 185mm x 185mm x 357mm (approx)

Most Helpful Customer Reviews:

Really good actually,
I was looking for a shoe rack that would fit inside a wardrobe (in that space underneath your hangers), but it would be impossible to find something that matched that space. But this is brilliant, you only need to build as many squares as you need for that space. Construction is simple and the finished squares are actually very sturdy (metal frames with hard plastic in between). It’s not pretty but really works.

A great storage solution,
Having always struggled to find a home for the shoes, this seemed just too good to be true… but it’s not! It really is as good as it looks.
It has two optional ways of constructing (as pictured or within two rows making it taller), and is extremely strong and generously sized (even walking boots fit in). In fact, I have managed to comfortably fit three pairs of ladies loafters into one compartment to save on space even further.
Not as easy to put together as I had hoped, and I did manage to break two of the fixing clips (which were strategically placed at the bottom). A bit more strength needed than I had I suspect. However, this is probably due to the good quality of the product and I did have it in position in half an hour – an hour.
Definately one of my best buys and I would recommend. I just wonder why no-one invented this earlier…..

Brilliant in every way!
This product is sturdy, extremely easy to put together, flexible for any space and wipe clean (excellent if your son always has muddy trainers and boots). I am rarely moved to write a review but having spent a while looking for a shoe rack to fit in my tiny hall – this was perfect. I was able to make two shoe racks from the pack – one for the hall and one for the bedroom. And i’m using the top cube for gloves and wooly hats. You could use these shelves for other things too – organising wardrobes or kids toys. All this and it was delivered super fast as well. Couldn’t be happy with my purchase.

Great shoe storage solution
I am now buying my second set of these to add to the first. It is great storage for shoes in a cupboard/wardrobe etc. You can fit at least 2 pairs of shoes into each cubby hole. Tip – don’t lean on the unit too heavily – I have broken one of the panels whilst reaching into the cupboard and leaning on the panel. I will replace it with a panel from my second unit. The unit comes flat packed but is easy and logical to put together – my 4 year old worked it out without reading the instructions (as she couldn’t!). Like another reviewer I also managed to break one or two of the fixings when assembling it – if the supplier is reading this, a couple of extra/spare fixings in each package wouldn’t go amiss. However if you do break the odd fixing you can still put the unit together and use it.

Excellent and simple
For space saving this is a great idea. Fits together well, if somewhat stiff and holds all the shoes you could want. Mine’s under the stairs with 2 of them fitted together and holds 32 pairs. It looks bigger in the pictures than it actually is, but shoes, trainers, ankle boots all fit. Each box has an entrance about 7-8 inches square, so not massive and a pair of serious heels may struggle.

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Interlocking Shoe Organiser – Shoe Rack for 16 pairs
Interlocking Shoe Organiser – Shoe Rack for 16 pairs